Planned Road Work 2008


  Buckle & Ellis Roads
     Cut Shoulders

  Cold Patch ($20,000)

  Dutch Street
     500' to 600' ditching (.1 mile)
     Cross-Over from McCraw South
     Cross-Over Pipe Near Freeman
     Oil & Stone & Shim 1.52 miles (?)

  General Road Maintenance
     Dust Oil
     on dirt roads by residences

  Gray Road
     Ditch Whole Road
     Rock on Bottom
     Weep Pipes

  Haley Road
     2 Cross-Over Pipes
     Ditch South-Side of Road from Phone Pedestal to 1s
     Raise the Road up to the Bridge

  Moon Hill Road
     Cut Trees & Bank
     Ditch from Bridge to Cross-Over (North-Side)

  Roads to be Oiled & Stoned Prioritized by Need:
     i. Pre-Emption Road (3 miles)
     ii. Andrews Hill Road (1 mile)
     iii. Bellis Hill Road (1.5 miles)
     iv. Ellis Road (2.5 miles)
     v. Crystal Springs Road (1 mile)

  Sturdevant Road
     1 Crossover Pipe
     Finish Ditching Uphill from old K&S

  Welker Road
     2 Culvert Pipes-1 each way of replaced sluice
     Ditch at bottom (Chubb Hollow end)
     Heavy Rock .1 mile on bottom end


  626 East Lake Rd: BRIDGE
     Box-Culvert Replace
     Dig Out Stream Bed

  Cold Mix Paving on the following Roads:
     i. .5 mile on Crystal Springs (Carley Brace to end
     ii. .7 mile on Bellis Hill Road (bottom end)
     iii. .5 mile on Pre-Emption Road

  Replacement of Sluices and Diesel Fuel to Projects

  South-End East Lake Rd. Guard Rail Replacement:
     Go to Wave Rail as Wire Unit Broken


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