Building Permit

Town of Barrington Building Permit Application (building_permit_application.pdf, 75KB)

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Town of Barrington
4424 Bath Road
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Instructions for Application of Building Permit
**Do NOT start construction until application is complete, approved and all required permits issued**

1. This application must be completely filled in by typewriter or printed in black ink; submit original application and the following requirements to the building inspector.

2. Application must be accompanied by a complete set of plans and specifications for the proposed work on a tax map or current survey. (get at Assessor’s office)

3. A Plot Plan shall be drawn showing street(s) on which property is located, lot dimensions (existing and proposed), the distance from new construction to the lot line and a North Arrow.

4. Landscaping and Screening, construction drawing for pavement, walks, steps, curbing, drainage, and other structures (including fences, walls or other landscaping materials).

5. Signage Plan with dimensions and locations of existing and proposed signs (including signs for owner name and house number).

6. Total Floor Ares and Ground Coverage of proposed building and structure; including percentage of ground cover (i.e., driveways, sidewalks, etc.)

7. Building Plans, which include elevations of front, sides and rear.

8. Photographs (minimum 4”by 6” to be provided by applicant) showing the development site and existing structures on the property.

9. Amount of Land Disturbed in Square Footage:
     a. Amounts of excavated material to be removed from the site.
     b. Amounts of fill material to be brought to the site.
     c. Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control measures.

10. Design and Location of existing and proposed wells, septic tanks, leach field Systems or methods of wastewater disposal. Are any of these systems in use? Are they shared? Include a copy of current Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Inspection form supplied by the Watershed Inspector.

11. Water Supply….What is it? Where is the pump and/or well?

12. Insurance Coverage: a. Contractors with Employees-Workers Compensation Insurance b. Disability Insurance, or c. An Insurance Waiver.

13. What is your Five-Year Plan for the site?

14. No new construction shall be occupied or used for any purpose until an application has been made for and the building inspector shall have granted a Certificate of Occupancy.

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